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Critique of Education Research


I am teaching a seminar-style course for doctoral students on critiquing research. We will discuss theoretical frameworks, methods, and designs. The students will complete 5 major assignments to develop their professional skills related to conducting research and being a scholar.


Computer Skills for the Information Age

htmlI am teaching a 25-student section of basic computing skills for undergraduates. The course is an asynchornous, online course, so there are no course meetings. This semester I will also be updating the textbook that is used for the course: Computer Skills for the Information Age: An Early College Student’s Primer.


Instructional Design


I taught a small section (18 students) of Instructional Design to Master’s students. The course is a synchronous, online course. My major goal for this semester is to find ways for students to engage with each other and have an activity-focused class using the online platform.



Engineering Psychology


I taught a small section (8 students) of Engineering Psychology. Because Engineering Psychology is an applied field, I designed the course to be project-based. Students have 4 small projects to complete throughout the semester, which comprised the bulk of students’ grades.



Research Methods

research methodsI taught a large section (75 students) of Research Methods. About 75% of my students were computer science majors, and the other 25% are psychology majors. I lead an instructional team that comprises me, 2 lab instructors, and 2 teaching assistants. I developed all components of the course and worked with the lab instructors to guide development of the lab.

I was also a teaching assistant for a small section (30 students) of a year-long Research Methods course at my undergraduate institution.


Introduction to Psychology

intro to psychologyI co-taught a large section (about 80 students) of Introduction to Psychology and was responsible for modules on memory, sensation, and perception. For these modules, I prepared and gave lectures, distributed lecture outlines and study guides, and developed test questions.