Doctoral Advisor

I mentor three doctoral students at Georgia State University. I advise them on coursework and program milestones, and I oversee their research. I have graduated one PhD student. I am accepting applications for new doctoral students who are interested in computing education or online learning in STEM via my department’s Instructional Design and Technology Ph.D. program.

Senior Thesis Advisor (2013-2014)

I worked with a fourth-year undergraduate to help her complete her senior thesis in psychology. My role included advising her on developing a research question, designing an experimental study, developing experimental materials, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting the results.

Research Assistant Manager (2012-2016)

I managed the research assistants (both Georgia Tech undergrads and outside scholars) for the Problem Solving and Educational Technology lab. My role included selecting research assistants, organizing schedules, and overseeing productivity.

Peer Academic Mentor (2009-2010)

I worked in the Center of Academic Success to advise peers on effective academic strategies. My role included advising at-risk students and giving presentations about strategies. I worked in a team of 6 other peer mentors, and my specific role was the content writer. I developed presentations and handouts to disseminate to students.